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The creation of the Espada has long been one of Aizen's most important preoccupation. While it is not specified when the Espada were first brought together as a group, it is implied that the original Espada were already in existence sometime before Aizen's defection from Soul Society and acquisition of the Hōgyoku. Since then, the composition of the Espada has changed, both in membership and position. As far as what kind of arrancar have joined their ranks, only one member of the current Espada was a Gillian-class Menos, the others being Adjuchas or higher, so Espada of the past have more prominently ascended from Gillians. Aizen has stated to Gin that his plans for the Espada include filling up its ranks with Vasto Lorde -class Arrancar, a process which he implies in the same statement as ongoing. Before his death,Aaroniero Arruruerie was the sole member of the current Espada who was also part of the first-generation Espada.Nel Tu was also the 3rd Espada for a time, along with her Fracción. It is possible that Grimmjow is one of the oldest Espadas since most of his Fracción are the oldest Numeros.

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